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Amarillo, Texas Homes and Properties for Sale

Amarillo, Texas Homes and Properties for Sale-Amarillo is the largest city in the panhandle of Texas.   Amarillo is located in the center of the panhandle right on I-40, which is also the historic Route 66 Trail. It is ideally located for nationwide interstate commerce. It is the “go to” city for all the surrounding towns. Amarillo is closer to five state capitals than it is to the state capital of Texas. They are Santa Fe, New Mexico, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, Denver, Colorado, Topeka, Kansas, and Cheyenne, Wyoming. The city is also known as “The Yellow Rose of Texas” as the city takes its name from the Spanish word for yellow. Large ranches have existed in the area in the past and there are still large ranches in the area.  The famous XIT Ranch a 3,000,000 acre ranch that existed from 1885-1912 was nearby and the still functioning  JA Ranch is just southeast of Amarillo. Amarillo has been urbanized in recent years, but there is still a large amount of agriculture land surrounding Amarillo. 


The economy in Amarillo is strong with an unemployment rate of 3.2% and a cost of living that is 16.70% lower than the United States average. Amarillo operates one of the largest meat packing plants in the United States and is home to Pantex, the only nuclear weapons assembly and disassembly facility in the country. 


The attractions Cadillac Ranch and Big Texan Steak Ranch are located adjacent to Interstate 40 on Route 66. Palo Duro Canyon –The Grand Canyon of Texas is located just south of Amarillo.  The Amarillo Sod Poodles, a baseball team that is part of the Texas Collegiate League, make their home in Amarillo. The Amarillo Bulls Hockey Team, which is a part of NAHL (North American Hockey League is here as well. The American Quarter Horse Association also resides in Amarillo.


The climate in Amarillo is dry with the average rainfall averaging 20 inches per year.  The summers are hot with low humidity.  The temperature can be pleasant throughout the year and it varies widely from day to day. All seasons have mild days and days where the weather is extreme.  The wind blows very hard sometimes.

Amarillo is home to several colleges  and technical Schools.  There are quite a few churches in Amarillo and lots of places to eat.

Looking for a home in Amarillo, Texas

Interested in finding homes for sale in Amarillo, Texas? Click that link to find all the currently available homes in Amarillo. When you go to the above link, you can further filter homes by zip code, number of bedrooms, number of bathrooms, size, price, etc.  You can sign up for a particular type of home to be sent to you on a daily or weekly schedule.   Contact us for a private viewing or more information on any of the properties or more information on the community of Amarillo.

What Schools will the Kids Attend?

If you buy a home for sale in Amarillo, Texas, the local schools serving this area are five Independent School Districts:

Amarillo Independent School District

Bushland Independent School District

River Road Independent School District

Highland Park Independent School District

Canyon Independent School District

To get local school scores and find more information about these schools click on the links above. 

Amarillo is also home to several private schools.  Click the following link for more information about Amarillo Private Schools.

Amarillo has a large home school community. There is a group called PCHEA, which is an organization for home schoolers in Amarillo and surrounding areas.  There is also a sports organization for sports for home schoolers.  You can find more information about that organization on Facebook at this link: Amarillo Flames

Now You Really Want to Find a Home Here, Right?

If you are interested in the current homes for sale in Amarillo, Texas, click on this link: homes for sale in Amarillo, Texas? Our ‘for sale’ property information is a direct feed from the Amarillo Association of Realtors MLS and is updated multiple times per day.  Here is a link for relocating to Amarillo.

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